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And in doing so, we would like you to get up close and personal with each of our editors. Therefore, starting February 1, we will begin our daily editors’ blog rotation.

Each day you will find an interesting take on the life of the single woman through the eyes of one of our editors. In this blog you may read about Family editor Melissa Chapman‘s interviews with women who have made the courageous decision to become parents without partners, reader comments on articles such as, Relationships editor Josie Brown‘s how-to masturbation guide, useful travel tips for single women from Escapes editor Gretchen Kelly, or what’s new and exciting in the world of beauty and fashion reported by Erin Donnelly, our Looks editor.

You will also find highlights on special upcoming interviews with financial and career experts from our Career and Money editor Samantha Chang, and how to take care of your most precious resource – You!…by Health editor Tracy Morris.

For a sneak preview of what you can expect from the editor’s blog, Melissa Chapman, our Family editor, will be posting a special blog on Monday, January 28th . You won’t want to miss her heartfelt interview with a woman who decided not to wait for “Mr. Right” to start a family. So, please check back with us each day to hear what our editors have to say and to also read their new weekly features.

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