SMW’s Snarky 7: Things a Woman Wants to Say When She Runs Into her Ex and His New Girlfriend

1. “I thought you said you were going back with your wife! Didn’t that happen?”

2. “Little Cialis and little Levitra miss their daddy. Will you be coming around this weekend?” Snarky 7

3 “Has your gonheria cleared up yet?”

4. “The last time I saw you, you were really worried about about that HIV test. How did that work out?”

5. “Hey, last time you wore my black bra and panties, you stretched them out. I think you owe me a new pair.”

6. “Hey, can you please tell your creditors that you aren’t at my telephone number any more?”

“Did you ever make a final decision about the penile implant?”

7. “Wow! Those hair plugs really look natural!”

— A Staff Effort