Super Foods?

Am I the only one on this planet that has never heard of super foods before? The other day I picked up a well know women’s magazine that had a prominent headline promoting the weight loss miracle of these so called super foods.

Of course, like every other American women, interested in how to loose weight with the least amount of effort, I turned straight to the article. At first glance, it wasn’t clear if this was an advertorial or actual legitimate medical findings. So, I read a bit further and realized this was an article promoting the SuperFoods Rx Diet.

Now I’m intrigued, a new diet that I’ve never heard of. For those of you that are not familiar with super foods, let me share with you what I know. Apparently there are these micronutrient rich foods which help with the absorption of minerals and compounds that aid in digestion and also according to this article, speed the fat burning used for energy. Eating these foods in combination is suppose to speed weight loss. The combinations are:

yogurt & berries

walnuts and blueberries

citrus & green tea

What the article doesn’t say is that I’m sure you have to manage your food intake and also exercise. But if all it takes to rev up my sluggish metabolism is eating a few more berries, nuts, yogurt, and drinking some green tea- I’m game.

As I’ve gotten older, I no longer believe in miracle diets, but I still hold out hope for an easier way to loose weight. Maybe super foods are it! If you’ve lost weight eating super foods or following the SuperFoods RX Diet, let us know. I think I’ll give it whirl – what do I have to loose except my love handles!

Allison O’Connor, Co-Founder

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