The Fortune Cookie

Some things are sacred. Or used to be. To my mind, fortune cookies fall into this category.

I’m one of those people who very obediently eats all my bok choy in order to feel worthy of my dessert which, in the case of Chinese food, is that cookie that comes with the meal.

Old school cookies were filled with dire predictions and cliches by Confucius. These days, though, I feel as if someone took my high school yearbooks and sliced out the platitudes written over the pimply faces of my BFFs:

“You are a good friend, and loved by all.”

“Your hard work will pay off in unexpected dividends.”

“Your smile lights up the room.”

Gimme a break.

Since when did this kind of politically-correct pap become the norm in fortune cookie soothsaying? What happen to dire predictions foreshadowing doom, gloom, and destiny? The joy wasn’t in the soy, but in the anticipation of cracking open that shell of sugared flour and learning what fate held in store:

“A stranger comes bearing news.”

“Don’t listen to that so-called friend.”

“Tonight will change your life.”

In my wallet are dozens of such “greatest hits.” Did any of them come true? Of course!…

Well, maybe…

Um…okay, well, my life is still a work in progress. So there.

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Your future is looking great,

Josie Brown
SMW Relationship Editor