The Great Escape

If you’re like me, a little shiver of excitement runs down your back every time you pack your bags for parts unknown.  Whether you’re traveling for business, a weekend getaway or that long dreamt of adventure vacation, there’s a frisson of joy that fills the heart at idea of escaping the everyday.  

We all have a gypsy in our soul and our Escape channel is your license to indulge your biggest fantasies about running away from home and living your most cherished dreams.  It is also a practical guide to the important little pleasures that can turn a business trip into a mini vacation.  We want you to escape the everyday whenever you set foot out the door and we want you to do it in style, so look forward to features about those little amenities and accessories that make the open road a more fabulous place.  

Think of us as your co-pilot, your true north, your global travel GPS system.  As a single traveler myself, I have trotted the globe solo, often finding my traveler’s luck bringing me mentors and allies I’d never dreamt of.  Escapes will bring that spirit to your own journeys.  It is your channel so please talk back!  Tell us what you want and need to know.  We’re all members of the same club!  So let’s ESCAPE together!  

Gretchen Kelly

Escapes Editor