The Heat Is On! SMW’s Tips for Staying Cool—and Healthy Health Channel – With the official start of summer here, it’s time to give some thought to watching for signs of heatstroke and sunburn. Think you have that topic covered already? Well, think again. Every year millions of us are the victims of heatstroke and sunburn, even though we assume we know the do’s and don’ts of fun in the sun. Whether it was a little too much alcohol, or just too nice a day to head for the shade, or a shortage of sunscreen, or forgetting to bring along some bottled water, it’s a mistake that most of us make, once, twice or more in our lives.

If you or someone you know has the misfortune of overstaying their welcome in the sun, or playing too hard in the heat, here’s some quick reminders on how to avoid sunburns, and what to do if you indeed find yourself with that bright red lobster look…
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Marriage, Madonna Style: Forever Is a Long, Long Time…
With word out that Madonna’s high-profile marriage (what is it with Scottish castle marriages, anyway? Why can’t they last?) to film director Guy Ritchie is on the rocks, we give pause to consider what it takes for the Cougar/Cub union to move beyond the Hot and Horny (not that there’s anything wrong with that) to the Forever After. Our two cents are given in our own dissertation, “The Cougar Phenomenon: From Men to Boys“.

A perfect example of a celeb who seems to have made it work is Joan Collins. For her 75th birthday, her much-younger hubby, Percy, threw her the surprise party of the (three-quarter) century: at their swank St. Tropez digs, with friends and family galore. It just goes to show you that it’s not the age, but the man.

Moonlighting—and Magnolias…I love it that SMW Career Editor Paula Santonocito has written an article on “Moonlighting Your Way to a New Career” the same week SMW launched an article entitled “Atlanta: Much More than Moonlight and Magnolias” in the Travel Channel. Maybe it’s a karma thing: you know, if you act on your instinct to moonlight, you’ll get a great job offer somewhere . . . maybe even HotLanta!

Or maybe it’s just a full moon,
Josie Brown
SMW Relationships Editor