The Last Week in the Presidential Campaign: Everything But the Kitchen Sink

If the past two weeks are any indication, the final week of the McCain campaign is going to be an all out slime time fun fest.

Kitchen Sink PoliticsIt might actually be a sought of “Best of the Slams” top ten cavalcade. A Halloween week spooktacular including, the Reverend Wright; ’60s terrorist William Ayers; That Socialist Devil Obama and his plan to Redistribute Wealth; pleas to save that endangered country known as “Patriotic America”; and last but not least, that hard working “tax paying,” beloved all-American bubba, Joe the Plumber.


To add to the excitement, and if history is any indicator, the polls should tighten in the final days before the election.
That should have Palin twanging up a storm, and McCain’s eyes a bulgin’. Get ready for a “My Friends” festival.

In the end, I suspect, it won’t have much of an effect. Mudslingers of all political stripes have always been frustrated by the inevitability phenomenon. That frustration is expressed by attributing magical powers to their opponent. Reagan, you may recall, had “teflon” and therefore no charges would stick to him. Clinton was “slick Willie,” which really meant that every time his opponents thought they had him in their grasp, he would simply slip away. No such moniker has yet emerged for Obama, but it will over the coming months and years.

History is filled with the stories of politicians who arrived on the scene at a time when their persona and their message fit the time. FDR, for all the legendary love that was showered on him by ordinary Americans, was utterly despised by many of his Republican rivals. Lincoln was despised by millions in the North and the South, and yes, even George Washington was trashed by his political opponents on a pretty regular basis.

But the tides of history overpower the political gamesmanship and move in their own rhythm. That’s not to say that the Obama campaign has not performed magnificently. It simply means that events set the stage and make impossible dreams possible.

As for this last week of this painfully long campaign cycle, if you don’t like seeing mud slung by the bucketful, you may want to do something other than watch television. Personally I’ll be catching up on some movies I missed during the past year and counting down the days to when this election, kitchen sink and all, can finally be put behind us.  


Martin Brown

Money Editor –