The Looks/Lust/Love Conundrum…

We women are used to reading about the studies that find men’s brain activity goes bonkers when shown a sexy, well-endowed woman, but lay dormant when shown a photo of the nice-looking girl-next-door, or Plain Jane.

“What Neanderthals,” we sniff. “Don’t they know that beauty is only skin deep?”

And of course, we’re hoping to find the exception to that rule. But what woman hasn’t experienced the Looks/Lust/Love conundrum first hand?

Especially with an online relationships.

He says—no, make that he WRITES—all the right things. But then, when it’s face time—

Well, fuggedaboutit. For some reason, you don’t live up to Mr. Right Answer’s ideal.

Well, ladies, turns out we’re just as primitive as the males of our species.

In a recent study at Canada’s Durham University, it turns out that women also judge a man’s desirability by his looks.

Just by looking at photos, women imagined that the guy with the squarest jaw, largest nose and small esteyes were more likely to be into a relationship based on lust. On the other hand, men with soft features were more likely to hang in their with them.

As for men who looked the most ‘chismo, the women participants thought they were the most likely to be unfaithful—not to mention lousy daddies to their kids.

So much for us women believing in that old adage, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.”

We seem to forget, too, the one that says “Actions speak louder than words.” So do looks, too for that matter.

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Here’s looking at you,

Josie Brown
SMW Relationship Editor