The World’s Most Torturous Shoes

shoe.jpgThe forwards my dad sends me usually involve touchy-feely fables, funny photos, or blonde jokes (guess what my hair color is?). Today, though, he sent along an email that hit this single fashionista a little too close to home. Apparently the rage in Japan – a country where painful foot-binding was as essential to being a geisha as finding the perfect red lipstick – is to wear architecturally unsound, toe-pinching heels that resemble an en pointe ballerina’s foot dipped in patent leather. (And I thought Jimmy Choos were a hassle.) Now, there’s a lot I’ll do in the name of fashion, but I draw the line at butchering my feet. The email also included images revealing the aftermath of foot binding and killer heels; an elderly woman’s foot had literally morphed to match her tiny shoes, with four of her gnarled toes tucked behind the arch (I’ll spare you that unsightly image).

Whether this woman was a slave to fashion or just wanted to impress a guy with her ability to teeter around in shoes built for a four-year-old is unclear. But if that’s what it takes to land a guy, I’ll be happy to stay single.