The Worst Christmas Present Ever

badgift31.jpgNot to brag, but I actually did pretty well gift-wise this year. Not a Snuggie or Croc in the bunch. Mind you, I credit part of my success to having sent most of my family a very detailed Christmas gift list (complete with helpful links and size guides), then feigned surprise as the handpicked items emerged under the Christmas tree.

That said, I have had my share of stinkers too over the years. Like the space heater one ex got me. Sure, I needed one, but it lacked any semblance of romance. Or the regifted – and inscribed – journal someone foolishly sent me one year. Of course, some gals have had it worse. I have a friend whose high school boyfriend gave her a book on weight loss (!) for her birthday one year. Her reaction: she burst into tears.

So, I want to know…what’s the worst present Santa’s ever left you? Has anyone ever regifted a present to you and been caught? Any bad gift-giving boyfriends out there? Share your story in the comments below – and find out how to unload your unwanted gift in this week’s Style feature!

-Erin Donnelly, Style Editor