True Online Dating Story: Romantic or Reckless?

youvegotmailI met my friend out for cocktails last week when we were joined by an acquaintance from New York visiting London for the first time.

So, was her trip for work or pleasure, we asked? The woman leaned in and smiled.

Apparently she’s been using to meet men for the last several months. She’d ended up with a lot of fun dates, and was casually seeing a couple of guys, but there was one man in particular who really caught her attention. They bantered online several times, and seemed to hit it off really well, but he never bothered to take the next step and ask her out. So she called him out on it. “Why haven’t you invited me out for a drink,” she finally demanded.

His response: He wasn’t in New York…for the moment, anyway. As a musician, he was traveling around the world while working on a theater tour. “But,” he said, “I really do live in New York!” On a break from touring, he came down for a few days, showed her his place, and the rest, as they say, is history. She promptly dumped the other guys she was seeing, and bought a ticket to visit this new guy in London, where he’s working for a few weeks.

I couldn’t decide if this story was romantic, or just reckless. Would you fly off to meet some guy you just started seeing? I think it sounds so exciting in the movies, but I don’t know if I could have that much faith early on.

-Erin xx