Urban Job Myth Number Five: Holidays Are Coming – Time to Put Your Job Search on Hold

By Rita Ashley, Job Search Coach

Tempting as it is to grab a spiced eggnog and a good book, holidays are no time to give yourself permission to relax, enjoy the festivities, and postpone your job search activities. Putting your search on hold is squandering a very scarce resource; throwing away the gift of the season.

Year-end holidays are the very best time of year to pursue your new executive level or technology leader position. Consider the season as your prime job search season.

There are no trade shows, seminars, conferences or other distractions to take the senior staff out of town. They are available to interview candidates and the process is not delayed by their travel schedule. HR is motivated to cram as many interviews as possible into the “C” schedules.

The air of festivity and anticipation of the new year typically makes most companies and certainly the “C” executives a bit more relaxed. Sure, they are scrambling to close year-end business, but they are filled with optimism and good will. Their interview style is less formal, they take more time and they entertain a broader spectrum of candidates.

Your competition is trimming the tree and baking pies. The playing field is a lot smaller during the holiday season. Without fierce competition and with a little bit of polish to your messaging, you can be the front runner without concern for the mobs who will be rejoining the job search pool in January. Take advantage of this and make personal contact with as many hiring authorities as you can conger.  They are waiting for your call.

Companies especially like to see the diligence demonstrated by an unrelenting search. The very fact that you are still pursuing your new vocational adventure during a time when most people put theirs on hold keeps the attention of the hiring staff.

Many companies have a fiscal year end in the December/January time frame. If there is any money left in the budget, they are compelled by the laws of fiduciary urgency to spend it before the year is out. This is a great time to negotiate your very best offer, especially if you expect something other than salary; remember, perks cost the company money and if their budget is willing, you win.

Holidays=Networking. The equation works for you. More people you need to meet attend social networking events during the holidays. Attend events where you have a better chance of a random introduction or chance meeting with authorities and those who refer candidates to them.

So keep your schedule open and your shoes polished. This is the time of year to rejoice in all your job search possibilities.

Rita Ashley is a Job Search Coach whose clients never rest during the holidays. They do get the promotions they are after and the jobs they want using her field tested methods. www.jobsearchdebugged.com.