Valentine’s Day: It’s in the crapper…

This year, my Valentine’s Day is going into the toilet.

I mean that literally.

We live in a “mid-century” home. Trust me, I use that term lightly. Hey, it’s just middle-aged. Nothing trendy there.

Where it shows its age the most is in our bathrooms. I’d love to boast that they are eco-friendly slow-flush. But let me be frank:

They are NO flush.

So when Martin asked me what I wanted for Valentine’s Day, I didn’t say jewelry, or a massage, or a meal at some out-of-the-way boite. The brochure I handed him didn’t show sexy couples on a beach on the cover, but Kohler’s latest models.

This year it doesn’t matter which anniversary is up next, because the gift will be porcelain, tradition be damned.

My single friends think I’m crazy. Why move the official day of romance out of the bedroom and into the bathroom? What I tell them is that the best way the man in my life can show his appreciation to me is to have me sitting pretty. Now, that will put me in the mood…

Speaking of mood setters, I’ve uploaded two special Valentine’s features this week:

The first highlights five tips for making your Valentine’s Day eco-friendly as well as passionate. I’ve also linked to some great websites that have great green Valentine’s gift ideas;

My second article tells of fourteen ways to celebrate your singleness on Love’s national holiday. Just because you aren’t attached doesn’t mean you have to be alone—or lonely, for that matter.

And as always, we have two Relationship Q&A’s: Sex & the SMW puts the spotlight on long distance relationships, while His Lips Unzipped explains why guys aren’t as romantic as we are—and what you can do about it.

I [heart] U,


Josie Brown

SMW Relationship Editor