Voter Registration Vixens: Stila’s Rock the Vote Red

Stila Rock the VoteThis week I played hookey from work (shhh!) and spent an afternoon at a local college campus doing voter registration. It was my first time getting the vote out since being deputized a few weeks ago, and it was a great experience. Sure, one guy called me a “liberal from hell,” but I did sign up more than a dozen new voters, including a man who mistakenly thought he’d lost his right to vote forever because of a felony charge. (In Texas, convicted felons who have served their time and are “off paper” regain their right to vote, but Gov. Rick Perry ruled to not publicize that fact.) The man seemed stunned, then shook my hand and walked away with a mail-in form.

If you, for whatever reason, haven’t yet registered to vote, or have moved recently (honestly, what are the chances you’re going to drive hours away to your old precinct on a Tuesday), get it in gear. To help, Stila Cosmetics has launched their limited-edition Rock the Vote Red lipstick, which gives a percentage of sales to Rock the Vote. Visit the Stila site and you’ll also be directed to the Rock the Vote site, where you can quickly and easily register. The deadline for registration is October 6th, so act now to show Susan B. Anthony that she wasn’t wasting her time.

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-Erin Donnelly, Style Editor