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Hello! And welcome to SingleMindedWomen.com, the first web community devotedly exclusively to you…today’s independent single woman.

As a single woman in 2008, you should feel empowered by your single status. Being single no longer carries the stigma it used to. In fact with today’s startling divorce statistics, many women are choosing to remain single longer or foregoing the traditional union of marriage. In doing so, they are finding their lives to be happy, fulfilled and not without opportunities for relationships.

So, if you are single and loving it or found yourself recently single and are unsure how to navigate the world solo, let SingleMindedWomen.com be your trusted guide and friend. Here you will read about issues that are relevant to You, – your money, your career, your family, your relationships, your health, your looks and your escapes. All written by our team of accomplished editors who have experienced the wonderful world of living single.

Through SingleMindededWomen.com you can connect with other single women with like interests. Who knows, maybe there is a single minded woman living in your town who would love to find a gal pal to socialize with. Build your network, expand your horizons and embrace your single status! SingleMindedWomen.com is your online community.

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Allison O’Connor & Christine Whelan