What do kids Really Think About Their Single Mom’s Boyfriend?

miriam-chapman-200.jpgsmw-logo.jpgIf you’re a single Mom in a pretty good relationship with a man–yes you even call him your boyfriend- -which seems a little silly and slightly juvenile, perhaps more appropriately he should be called your man friend- because if he was a boy- that would certainly land you in a boat load of legal trouble!

But I digress- in any case maintaining this relationship with your “man friend” is definitely a challenge when you have a peanut gallery of kids who aren’t thrilled with the fact that their Mom has another person with whom they need to compete for her undivided attention and love. Of course you know that isn’t true; you have a reservoir of love big enough to encompass your “manfriend” and your kids! 

Well,  if they’re still not convinced you might want to check out this week’s Family Channel column How Can a Single Mom Help Her Kids Get Along With her Boyfriend? where you can get a little perspective from Max Sindell, a Kid Who Survived Several Divorces and Lived to tell the Tale! 

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Happy Sunday!

Melissa Chapman, Family Channel Editor,