What Santa Will See As He Circles the Globe This Year!

The World at Night

 When it comes to looking at the night skies for Santa and his band of reindeer, we all tend to think locally. But Mr. Claus and the crew are thinking globally as they circle the Earth.

As you can see from this composite satellite photo of the night skies, Santa must have a helluva time finding just about any address in Africa, Australia, South America, and most of China. As for Mongolia, fuggedaboutit! I guess this is what the citizens of the world mean when they say the US, Western Europe, and Japan use most of the world’s available resources.

Now, scrutinize  the distribution of light over the US. Look at the dividing line running North to South, as you hit the western portion of the states, from North Dakota down through Oklahoma. In the West, you can easily pick out the major cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Salt Lake, and Las Vegas.

On the other hand in the Northeast, it is difficult to distinguish cities from Boston down through DC, at this scale anyway. Of course, that’s already known to all those who fly over our country at night. From 35,000 feet it looks like two different countries, until you hit the lights of the west coast.

Finally, look down at poor Cuba. Castro may have freed his people from the menacing grip of American capitalism, but he should have stocked up on light bulbs before starting that revolution.

Growing up in the well lit Northeast corridor of the United States, I always wondered why Rudolph needed such a bright red nose. Seeing central Australia at night this way, now it all makes sense to me.

—Martin Brown

Money Channel Editor – SingleMindedWomen.com