What’s Love Got to Do with It? Everything…

“Love means never having to say your sorry.”

“Love makes the world go ’round.”

“Love hurts.”

Seriously, when did love become such a cliché?

Single women are very serious about romance, relationships, intimacy and commitment. Love is not folly, but it can—and should—be fun. It’s not a sport, but it will always be a challenge.

To honor that, every Thursday I’m uplinking articles that respect your intelligence, and your varying points of view.

One awesome lady with a great POV is Samantha Daniels, who has made love (that is, matching up others who more than likely will fall in love) into a successful career. She’s so good at it that her own life was turned into a television show. Remember Miss Match, starring Alicia Silverstone?

So, what’s her secret for pairing up lost souls? You’d be surprised. And it could work for you. So check it out…

You’ll note that there are two Expert Q&A’s every week in on the romance network. Besides a new Sex and the Single Minded Woman—where I answer a party girl’s question as to why she’s only attracted to younger men—you’ll also find His Lips Unzipped, where our newest columnist, Martin Brown, gives a male perspective to some of your questions. This week he tackles the issue of why some men seem obsessed with online porn, and he gives tips for the women who love them. (Tossing the laptop out the window is not an option, by the way…)

And of course next week we’ve got Valentine’s Day. Our feature will focus on the best Singles’ Survival Tips . . .

But you’ll have to wait on that for another seven days.

Of course, every day is Valentine’s Day if you have an open heart to love.

For the single woman, love is not SO last season. It is always a timeless issue.


Let’s get engaged,

Josie Brown

SMW Relationship Editor