When Pets At Work Affect Your Work

dog-with-glasses.jpgSingleMindedWomen.com Career Channel – Pets at work have caused more than one person to growl.

Sharing your workplace with (wo)man’s supposed best friend can be difficult, even if you’re an animal lover. In addition to the manners and grooming of your coworkers, you’re subjected to those of their pets.

The entire situation can give the term dog breath a whole new meaning. And it’s not just dog breath that turns people off. Employees have complained about dirty dogs, dogs that drool, and even dogs that aren’t entirely housebroken.

So, why do employers allow people to bring their dogs to work?

Because Americans love their animals. Although it’s nearly impossible to pin down exactly how many people have canine companions, best estimates put the number of American dog owners at more than 43 million people.

Since companies are run by people and people adore their dogs, well, the tail wags the dog, so to speak. But personal preference isn’t the only motivation for pets at work…
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