When You Get Down to It

I’m a bottom line girl. The term “indecisive” has never been used to describe me. I think that’s a good thing.

I think.

Maybe it’s my Texan heritage. Say what you will about those of us from the Lone Star State (and, I know, there’s a lot to say…) but if there’s one thing cowboys and cowgirls are good at, it’s being definitive and clear. To a fault at times.

Maybe I inherited it from all the women in my ancestry, the original “career women” before it was cool. Intense decisiveness was likely an automatic benefit of working and kid-raising in an era when men didn’t do a thing at home but mow yards and BBQ occasionally.

You know that old saying about “a woman’s prerogative is to change her mind”?
I never got it.

Not that I never change my mind. I can sway like a willow with the best of them. Survival requires that we be flexible. Take health and fitness knowledge. Today’s nutrition advice is tomorrow’s bull hockey.

Like Anusara Yoga… how’s that for a seque? Desiree Rumbaugh, one of the first teachers of this branch of yoga that directly combines physicality with spirituality, tells us in Flowing With Anusara Yoga how empowering the practice can be. It’s not your Mama’s Hatha yoga.

But there are some things that really never change. Much. The key is knowing where the grey area gets white or black.

Take vaginas, for instance.

In terms of being female, that’s a bottom line all its own.

We can dally about with our nails and hair, our waistlines and hips, even our voices, but — and men know this — there is nothing as female as what’s between our legs.

But how much thought do you give to your own love muffin? Sure, if there’s someone in your life with a frequent flyer pass down under, you’ve got built-in reporting if anything’s amiss. But single women are in a special arena. Who has time (or the limberness) to regularly perform a spot check of their own fuzzy peaches? Is it even necessary if you are your only “guest”?

Absolutely. No in-between about it for your girl parts. Ignore that kitty and you could find yourself being uncomfortably reminded that she’s there, or worse, sans baby-making ability in the future.

The hoochie is the original feminine wile. Positively.

You can read up on it’s care in Is Everything All Right Down There? and maybe learn a few new vaginal terms of endearment to boot.

Because real women feel secure enough in their place in the world to know that cute little epithets for private body parts can be uttered without diminishing their power.

I think.

TLM ~Tracy Morris, Health Channel Editor