Why Should She Stand By Her Man? The Spitzer Debacle

Standing By Her ManThe top headline in the news for the past 36 hours has been about New York Governor Elliot Spitzer’s resignation amid the revelation that he had been using a high-priced prostitution service.

Apparently, it’s something he’s done for several years now.

The guy is known for his rigid stance on law and order. He’s a husband, and a father. Of three girls, no less.

And yet, he felt the need to flaunt the law and hire high-priced hookers, then allegedly pay them with funds filtered through a dummy corporation.

Shouldn’t the former attorney general of New York know better? Hell, I’ll bet the AG of Louisiana would. And right about now, I’m guessing his counterpart down South is mumbling to himself, “What was that boy thinkin’?”

Agreed. What is that, some sort of self-deluding sense of privilege?

Nah. I’m guessing it’s a pitiful cry for help.

But seriously, does anyone want to answer it?

I’d rather help his wife.

There Silda stood, in doe-eyed sadness. The political wife’s new perp walk ends in front of a podium at her disgraced (disgraceful?) husband’s side.

I just don’t get it. Why do these women put themselves through this kind of public humiliation?

Honey, seriously, IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT.

Let him stand alone.

If, after all this, you still want to do something together, let it be counseling.

Or some really emasculating sex. In fact, I vote you borrow Kristen’s saddle and whip and ride him like a Pony Express gelding.

FYI: geld·ing / n. A castrated animal, especially a male horse.



Josie Brown
Relationship Editor