Why Women Should Paint

womanpainting2.jpgWomen are aesthetic by nature. A woman will notice the subtle colors of an Anjou pear, and use it as inspiration to redecorate a room. She will buy a bolt of fabric just because the color moves her, and worry about how to use it later. A woman will tear a picture of a garden from a magazine, just to post it on her refrigerator.

Women instinctively recognize and capture beauty, and when given the chance, will express her own intuitive energy. Women recognize and embrace the emotion that beauty ignites, and are drawn to colors based on their emotional needs. It’s why they buy yellow flowers to cheer themselves up, or add a bright scarf to an outfit.

Likewise, women can communicate and express themselves without words. A mother expresses love with bedtime lullaby, a grandmother expresses her confidence by wearing a feathered purple hat, and a toddler expresses her fearlessness by coloring on the living room wall. Even though no words are spoken, her message is clear…

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