Will Elizabeth Edwards be the Next Celebrity to Join the Single Moms Club?


I  have always been fascinated by the brilliant, well-educated, down-to-earth loveliness and earnestness that’s been exuded by Elizabeth Edwards, a former lawyer, who has always stood behind her political husband and former vice presidential nominee John Edwards.  

Although appearance wise the Edwards’ were slightly mis-matched;  John Edwards’ boyish good looks, thick mane of hair and exuberant smile gave him an edge over  Elizabeth-who after having given birth to four kids, battled a bit of the baby bulge. And unlike many of her political wife counterparts she didn’t succumb to the pressure to achieve a size six figure. 

In short Elizabeth Edwards’ was a woman all of us “regular” moms could relate to.  She had managed to juggle a successful law career, raised her kids- and in the face of the tragic death of her teenage son Wade, in her late 40’s  she attempted  to conceive again- and birthed two more kids!  

All the while her husband  was her rock of Gibraltar. Together they held one another up- in the face of tragedy, the exhilaration over his astronomical political rise and  even through her incurable cancer diagnosis. 

Unbelievably these two seemed like the golden couple…and then the bomb dropped. The tawdry tabloids reported that John Edwards was having an extra-marital affair; which he denied vehemently for many months until he finally admitted his indiscretions. And although the woman he slept with now has a baby whom many believe is John Edwards’ love child- what I am most shocked by is Elizabeth Edward’s handling of this situation.  

In all the public statements she’s issued she has vehemently stated that she will stand by her man.

My question is… why? What would be her reason to support a philandering spouse who cheated on her? What are her reasons for staying?

This is a woman who has and continues to stare cancer in the face with unflappable strength, and yet she remains with a spouse who has violated the sanctity of their union with an infidelity and perhaps even a child.

Why would Elizabeth Edwards remain married to this man?  Well if she asked my opinion I’d tell her to ditch John and officially join the ranks of single motherhood!

Here at SMW we would welcome her with open arms, and we’d applaud her for being the courageous woman she continues to be! In my opinion John Edwards is a wacko and Elizabeth Edwards has been his unlucky host for the past 30 years! 

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Happy Sunday-

Melissa Chapman

Family Editor, Single Minded Women