Working Moms Now Have an Advocate in the White House

Barack and Michelle ObamaIf this New York Times article is correct, working mothers will now truly have a friend looking out for their best interests in the country’s new presidential administration: Michelle Obama.

To quote the Times: “As first lady, Mrs. Obama has said, she plans to make herself an advocate for working parents, particularly military families, urging better access to child care for all. Trying to juggle public duties with two young children, she will be a living illustration of the very issue she describes.

‘She’s going to be engaging in the balancing act herself,’ said Doris Kearns Goodwin, the presidential historian.”

Like most of us, extended family is also very important to the Obamas. In fact, the article says, Michelle’s mom may even join them in the White House. In the past she has served as Malia and Sasha’s primary caregiver in their parents’ absence, so that may continue.

If their mom is any indication, this grandma is a wonderful constant in the girls’ lives.

Kudos to Laura Bush for immediately inviting Michelle and the girls for a tour of the White House. That’s the epitome of graciousness.

As for close and dear friends, they won’t be ignored for as long as the Obamas occupy the White House. Says the Times: “The attitude of the Obamas is ‘Come join us on this adventure,’ said John W. Rogers Jr., a finance company founder, who has done so a few times.”

We’re all hopping on that train, for sure.

—Josie Brown

Relationships Editor –