You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman

organicbeautynew.jpgThis week’s feature, “Unleashing Your Natural Beauty,” and guest Q&A from the lovely, eco-savvy Christie Matheson, author of “Green Chic,” are really close to my heart, and not just because Earth Day is around the day. (Side note: When is Earth Day going to become Earth Year? Get on it, Al Gore!)

After reading Christie’s book I’ve become so much more vigilant about my energy usage. And trust me, if a bonafide city girl like  me can make some changes, anyone can.

Here are a few simple tips I learned:

-Unplug your chargers (for your cell phone, laptop, camera, whatever) when you’re done using them. They still use up energy when plugged into the wall.

-I love a bath as much as the next girl, but showers use roughly half the amount of water.

-Look for beauty brands like MAC that will recycle your used packaging.

-If you can fit your purchase in your purse (and keep that receipt so they don’t suspect you of pulling a Winona), turn down a shopping bag. And bring a canvas tote bag when possible you can avoid using plastic and paper bags.

Small adjustments, sure, but they all add up to make a big difference.

-Erin Donnelly, Your Looks Editor