A Career in Law Enforcement

By SMW Staff

Where can a career in law enforcement lead for a single-minded woman? How about to television?

While not a traditional route, it is nevertheless the path Detective Christine Mannina’s career has taken.

Great at the Job

Mannina is a detective in the highly-acclaimed Homicide Investigations division of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. Over the course of her career as a homicide detective, she has maintained an impressive 90 percent case solve rate, high above the national average of 61 percent. She also boasts a virtually unheard of 95 percent conviction rate—nearly every person she has arrested who has been tried for homicide has been put away.

Mannina has received numerous awards during her career in law enforcement, including Detective of the Year, Officer of the Month, and the Medal of Merit, as well as several certificates of commendation. She graduated from the Indiana Law Enforcement Academy with honors.

Perhaps it is no surprise then that Mannina is featured in the Investigation Discovery (ID) channel’s docu-series “The Shift,” a show about the work of homicide detectives at the Indianapolis police department. Currently in its second season, “The Shift” is ID’s highest-rated original series, thanks largely to the work and personality of Detective Mannina.

Mannina has also appeared in the television series “Cops” and “Women and the Badge.”

Spreading the Message

When not on the job (and on television), Mannina blogs about her life and work at the Investigation Discovery website.

She also enjoys public speaking, and regularly addresses school and civic groups about the topic of criminal investigation. Her speaking engagements and position on the police force, along with her television presence, have made Mannina a role model for young women who say she has inspired them to enter the field of law enforcement.

If this weren’t enough, she plans to share her experiences via yet another medium. Mannina is currently working on a book about her career, which she hopes will serve as another window into her world. It will include insights into crime and human nature from this strong, independent woman’s point of view.

If you’re interested in a career in law enforcement, you can learn a lot by following Detective Christine Mannina on the job on “The Shift.” Be sure to also check out the video on the SMW Career channel.

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