Assessment Overkill

By Paula Santonocito

Showing paperworkQ. What do employers want? I mean, what’s up with all these personality assessments and multiple interviews? I’ve got the experience and a proven track record; shouldn’t these be enough?

A. You’re not the first job seeker to lament about a lengthy screening and hiring process. Today, employers have more tools at their disposal, and many are tapping into these tools for assessment purposes.

If you haven’t looked for a job in a while, it may indeed feel as though you have to jump through hoops to justify your existence. And you’re right in wondering why your accomplishments aren’t carrying as much weight as they once did.

Several factors contribute to today’s more thorough screening process.

First is the availability of tools that allow for matching a job seeker and potential employer. These tools delve beyond your work experience and accomplishments; they look at such things as communication style, work preferences and habits, approach to solving problems, and more.

Why are these kinds of things important? Every company has a culture, as well as its own structure (or lack of). Within these parameters are certain expectations about how people relate and make contributions to the organization.