Become a Real Cougar in the Workplace

By Linda Franklin

Over the years, I learned how to use my feminine powers to forge ahead in the workplace. In some situations I had to be tougher and smarter than my male colleagues, but there were times when I exhibited the softer feminine qualities that made a very big impact. Women should never underestimate the special gifts they possess as a female.

I have used everything I learned from my experiences on Wall Street to jump-start my second career. After so many years of working with men, I am now working with women, especially those over 40. I love showing them how to unleash their real cougar in order to succeed in the workplace. That includes knowing how to ask for what they want, doing what it takes to succeed, and how, most importantly, to acquire equal pay for equal work.

Cougar Characteristics

A real cougar puts a very high value on her financial independence. No longer does a woman have to rely on a man to be in charge of her future. She knows that planning for her financial needs puts her in a much better position to make better choices. She chooses where she wants to be, not where she thinks she has to be. Being able to do this will make life so much more joyful.

One thing that I believe women forget is that there are distinct advantages to being a female in the workplace, and by truly embracing the real cougar inside, women will accomplish everything they set out to do. Real cougar women are always proving their critics wrong by shattering the low expectations that have been incorrectly set for them.

So remember, while being a single woman in the workplace can often be challenging, embrace what you love to do and always remember how much you have to offer. A real cougar woman can make anything happen!

Linda Franklin, author of “Don’t Ever Call Me Ma’am! The Real Cougar Handbook” and founder and director of The Real Cougar Woman, provides information and services for women over 40.


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