Female Entrepreneur Finds Niche in the Tech Jungle

By Theresa Linson

smw - theresa linsonAlthough tech is a male-dominated field, women are also taking advantage of what this growing, dynamic industry offers.

Theresa Linson saw opportunity and seized it. Here, in her own words, is how she found a career in tech and founded a company Tigereye Consulting.

Theresa Linson Shares Her Story

In college, I found a great passion developing software and websites. I found that I really enjoyed working with the streams of logic required to create software and the challenges encountered along the way. Additionally, I had the great fortune of graduating during the technological boom of the 90s, and I was able to quickly and easily find jobs as a software developer. From there, one thing just led to another. As my experience and skill increased so did the opportunities and my understanding of the industry.

One thing I came to learn was that the top web-design companies compete fiercely over major contracts. They all aim for the $100,000-plus clients and leave smaller businesses to find web solutions from college students just mastering the basics or companies that do not actually specialize in web applications. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be nice if a web design company with truly expert software designers catered to smaller businesses and provided them with the level of quality that America’s major corporations receive? With this thought, the seed for Tigereye was planted.

The next phase was to make Tigereye Consulting (www.tigereye-consulting.com) a reality, and I am sure any small business owner would say that it is much easier said than done. I knew very little about creating a business, which meant I had a lot to research and a lot to learn as the process went along. I had no experience with payroll or licensing or any of the million other tasks required to keep a business up and running. While I made some mistakes in the beginning,I was fortunate enough to avoid the big ones. Tigereye was officially established in 2006 and, by the beginning of 2008, it began to resemble what I had originally envisioned and hoped it would be.

I have crossed paths with extremely talented developers over the years, and Tigereye has provided me with the opportunity to continue working with them, and it has also provided them with the opportunity to really display their talents and abilities as we work to meet the needs of our clients. While I am entirely biased, I feel as though Tigereye really has access to a “dream team” of developers, and in its short history has been able to provide web solutions for small businesses at a level previously unknown.

One of the coolest aspects of Tigereye is that it is a small business working for other small businesses. When new clients come to us with their needs and we create a customized plan for them, it feels as though both sides have just taken a step towards bringing a dream to fruition. We design websites for businesses that maximize the benefits to be received from the internet. Whether it is search engine optimization, e-commerce tools, lead generation, or all of the above, we make sure our clients get all they can from the high-tech world we live in. It is an exciting feeling to know you are providing a truly valuable service to someone. Plus, Tigereye has the capacity to develop strong relationships with its clients because it is a small company. This, in turn, ensures client needs are truly met and creates a great working environment that leaves no one feeling like just another “cog in the machine.”

I feel a great sense of pride when I think about what Tigereye has accomplished so far, and how much it will be able to accomplish in the future. It is a female-owned company in a male-dominated industry that not only provides high quality services for its clients but strives to make all its employees feel valued and rewarded for the great work they do. But, like I said, I’m completely biased.

Tigereye Consulting is a custom web application and e-commerce development firm. More information about the company’s services is available at its website, Tigereye-Consulting.

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