Job Search Tool: FlexJobs

By Paula Santonocito

smw-job-search-tool-flexjobsIn these uncertain economic times, you may need to be more flexible when it comes to your job search, and the career site FlexJobs can help.

FlexJobs features telecommuting and work-at-home jobs. Positions at the site include freelance, contract, part-time, and full-time jobs.

Where You Work

Perhaps you haven’t considered what might be called a nontraditional position, and until now you’ve only searched for onsite, structured jobs.

There are certainly advantages to a traditional employment arrangement, one where you show up “live” and in-person for work. These advantages include (or should include) all the tools you need for the job, clear direction on what to accomplish and when, and quick answers to any questions that may arise.

Additional benefits include available support staff and a team environment that lends itself to task delegation and resource allocation.

Indeed, people are a big perk of working onsite. Not only do they make your job easier, but they provide you with a sense of community.

Being part of this community isn’t without its occasional difficulties, of course; but when you work with others onsite you have an opportunity to interact on a daily basis, and this interaction often leads to friendships.

Working remotely, on the other hand, requires a totally different approach, both professionally and personally.

Depending on your arrangement, you may or may not be an official employee. This in itself places you in a different category, and it’s one that may or may not be comfortable for you.

If you are self-employed, there are tax and benefits considerations. You will pay your own taxes, including Social Security, and finance any and all insurance, including health care coverage.

Most likely you will also be responsible for all the tools of your trade, including any equipment and supplies needed to do your job.

And these are only the basics. In addition, you must be your own boss and your own employee, and deal with everything the dual roles require.

You must learn to interact with people virtually, by email and/or phone, to convey your progress on projects, get questioned answered, and so forth. It can all be a big change if you’re accustomed to popping into a coworker’s office.

If you’re an extrovert and require “live” interaction with others, working virtually might be counter to your personality. However, it depends on the job.

These days, flexible jobs come in a wide variety, as evidenced by the position listings at FlexJobs.

Get Flexible

Jobs at FlexJobs run the gamut, from positions in sales and education, where you will interact with others, to Web design and writing jobs, where you will most likely work alone.

It goes without saying that what you elect to pursue will depend on your skills, experience, and interests. Still, you may be surprised at the number of options available.

Like a lot of good things in life, access to position listings at FlexJobs comes with a price tag. Fortunately, that price is quite reasonable. Currently, the site offers two subscriber options: $14.95 per month or $59.95 for a year.

Although you may be concerned about paying for a job service and wonder if these are legitimate jobs, rest assured. Obviously there are no guarantees you will find a position, but FlexJobs is a reputable site that has received positive feedback from users and noteworthy media coverage.

What’s more, the site provides full disclosure about its operations.

It also has a history to which a lot of women can relate. FlexJobs site was founded by Sara Sutton Fell, who while pregnant with her first child discovered that finding a flexible work arrangement was challenging.

Thanks to FlexJobs, it’s now a lot easier for single-minded women and others to explore legitimate, flexible work arrangements.

Editor’s Note: This article originally published in April. has since entered into a partnership with FlexJobs in order to bring flexible job opportunities to single women at a discount. You can read more about this arrangement and obtain the discount here.

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