Negativity in the Workplace

By Paula Santonocito

This manifests itself in a lot of different ways. Your boss may no longer seem as friendly and supportive as she once did because of pressure from top management. Perhaps the coworker who used to give her all to a group project now misses deadlines or puts in a halfhearted effort. Maybe the office used to be buzzing every Monday morning as people chatted about their weekends and now Mondays really do seem like back to the salt mines.

Or it could be that a friend with whom you went out to lunch is feeling the financial fallout of her spouse’s job loss and is now brown bagging it. This leaves you with two choices you don’t particularly like: bring your lunch or go out alone.

Balancing the New Reality

So, what can you do to keep from being impacted by the cloud that seems to hang over your workplace?

As cliché as it sounds, remain grateful for what you do have and remind yourself of what you appreciate. The basics are a paycheck and benefits your company provides. But other items in the plus column may include work you enjoy, coworkers you consider friends, and a boss who recognizes your contribution.

If you work in a relatively stable industry that should grow in the future, this is another advantage. Are there advancement opportunities on the horizon, even though that horizon might be little further off than you’d ideally like? If so, give yourself another reason to maintain a positive outlook.

And of course there are personal aspects of your life to consider. At the top of the list are good health and your family and friends.

Sunny Side

Granted, no one can maintain a positive outlook all the time. Nevertheless, if you do your best to focus on what’s good about your job (and your life) you’ll find it has an amazing effect.

Not only will you feel better; it will alter your environment. Positive people tend to attract other positive people. An optimistic outlook also helps diffuse negativity.

This isn’t to say there won’t still be negativity in your workplace. But that old black cloud won’t be hanging over you every day.

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