New Magazine Provides Employees with Answers to Everyday Workplace and Career Questions

By SMW Staff

If you’re a single-minded woman looking for a tool to help you better manage your career, of course you can turn to the SMW Career channel. But, what if you manage a staff of women and men, single and married?

Finally, there’s a robust career tool for everyone. AP Workplace Media, a B2B provider of leading-edge workplace communication products and related services, has launched the inaugural issue of Workplace 411®, the first digital magazine devoted exclusively to the needs of employees.

Designed to serve as an extension of a company’s HR and training departments, and to supplement EAP offerings, the bi-monthly magazine provides employees with solutions to everyday workplace and career questions, allowing people to make a greater contribution to the organizations for which they work.

Workplace 411 features expertly-written articles, dynamic graphics, and compelling video clips intended to engage and motivate employees.

Magazine content is relevant for most workplaces, but has been created with Fortune 500 corporations in mind.

Workplace 411, which can be accessed at the AP Workplace Media website, is available at no charge. Companies that would like to offer the magazine to their employees may request a widget from AP Workplace Media for placement on their corporate intranet.

Co-branding opportunities for employers, EAPs or other providers of employee services are also available.

Why not download your free copy of Workplace 411 today? You’ll also want to share it with your staff and coworkers.