Turn a Setback Into a Comeback

By Rick McDaniel

Turn a Setback Into a ComebackWe all experience setbacks—bad decisions, job loss, divorce, health problems. The good news is that a comeback is possible for anyone. No matter what kind of setbacks today’s women are facing, it’s possible to rebound and get back in the game.

Tips for turning a setback into a comeback

Have Forward Focus – You must have a laser-like focus and it is forward in a direction concentrated on your goals.  If in your family you have struggled to find time together, the answer is to keep that goal in front of you.  You persevere in your attempts to strengthen your family.  Resist the temptation to give up or alter the goal.  Keep working toward it focused on ultimately succeeding.

Lose The Regret – Regret imprisons us in guilt, depression and indecision.  Don’t say things like, “If I had only done this” or “If I could only go back.”  The past cannot be changed but the future certainly can.  Abraham Lincoln was famous for writing down disappointments and then burning them.  Consider writing down the regret which will be cathartic for you and then burn it as a way of declaring you are letting it go.

Restore Your Confidence – A setback has a way of affecting your confidence like nothing else.  Confidence is the expectation that you will succeed and is crucial to a comeback.  A powerful way to restore your confidence is with the help of a good friend.  Allow your friend to remind you of your many successes and accomplishments.  Let her encourage you with stories of how you have done well in the past.

Change Your Approach – When something does not work it is always wise to try a different approach.  If you have had a serious argument with your spouse over money, you are not alone.  But you do not want your entire marriage to be about financial conflict.  If the fight is about overspending then a different approach would be to proactively set up amounts that can be spent in a month.  Then each month you can calmly review your spending patterns.

Rick McDanielSetbacks do not control your life.  You control your life!  All women should remember that the past cannot be changed, but the future certainly can.

Rick McDaniel is an expert in helping people make a comeback in their lives and is the author of the new book Comeback – Overcoming The Setbacks in Your Life.  A former collegiate football player, Rick has earned three degrees including an advanced degree from Duke University.  He has traveled and spoken on five continents and authored three previous books.

You can purchase Comeback: Overcoming The Setbacks in Your Life here.

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