What’s Your Brand?

By Paula Santonocito

Business woman with CardThere’s a tendency to think of brand in terms of products or corporate images. But individuals have brands, too.

Yes, Even You

And it’s not only high-profile people who have established images. Whether you’re an employee, contract worker or business owner, you have an identity that is your brand.

The good news is that individual branding, unlike cattle branding (ouch), isn’t permanent.

To a large extent, you can control your brand. What’s more, you don’t need a media specialist to handle your image-making.

A new book, “Managing Brand YOU: Seven Steps to Creating Your Most Successful Self” by Jerry S. Wilson and Ira Blumenthal, explains how you can build “a brand-new you.”

Proactive Approach

According to the authors, there are many reasons to commit to building your personal brand.

Among other things, focusing on brand building allows you to identify your inner passions and subsequently focus your energy on meeting your top priorities.

Note the emphasis on “your.” Your brand is about you. Make that YOU.

Unlike some business books, “Managing Brand YOU” isn’t given to corporate-speak. It offers down-to-earth, step-by-step advice on how to build your brand.

“Managing Brand YOU” is also a workbook. It includes exercises and tools to help you with the brand-building process.

Who’s Got Brand

The authors know more than a little bit about brand. Jerry S. Wilson is a senior vice president for The Coca-Cola Company. Ira Blumenthal is a respected brand consultant who has worked with clients that include Coca-Cola, Disney, Marriott, Nestle, and American Airlines.