What’s Your Brand?

By Paula Santonocito

Wilson and Blumenthal provide various corporate examples of brand, but they also point to an iconic single-minded woman as an example of personal brand: Oprah Winfrey.

Brand Oprah, the authors explain, is “more than a television journalist.” Brand Oprah stands for the voice of women, a humanitarian, an activist for change, and a vehicle for dialogue.

And Oprah isn’t the only single-minded woman “Managing Brand YOU” explores. The authors look at Martha Stewart from the standpoint of someone “who experienced a major brand image meltdown but who has rebounded with a stronger brand identity.”

The book also chronicles the brand development of another single-minded woman: poet, educator, and best-selling author Maya Angelou.

Calling All Single-Minded Women

Indeed, building a brand seems to have special relevance for women. Accordingly, SMW asked the authors about the relevance of brand building for single women who want to move forward in their careers.

Here’s coauthor Jerry S. Wilson’s advice for SMW readers:

“Building a successful Brand YOU should be the goal of everyone.

“Great consumer brands know what they stand for, communicate with consistency, and differentiate against competitors.

“Additionally, winning brands don’t try to be all things to all people. A disciplined approach can be the ideal roadmap to allow you to be true to yourself while growing your personal or professional interests.

“How are you perceived by others (image), what do you want to stand for (identity), and how can you achieve your own goals? These questions require introspective assessment and the willingness to focus in areas that matter to you.

“Stop spending time in activities or with people who are detracting from your picture of success. Use this additional time to increase your skills or explore new passions.

“Women are the ultimate multi-taskers, and ultimately the person who gets the least attention is themselves.

“Now is the time to look in the mirror, understand your own Brand YOU essence, and take the necessary steps to achieve the life you deserve.

“If a box of soap can become a respected global brand, Tide, then you can certainly become the Brand you most desire.”

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