Workplace Tips for a Fast-Paced World

By Paula Santonocito

A new book by Nance Guilmartin, “The Power of Pause,” offers a simple, yet effective strategy that can help career-minded single women and others become more effective at work and more successful personally.

Wired World

If it seems as though you’re always under pressure, constantly juggling deadlines and responsibilities, and expected to respond immediately, there’s a reason.

The world of work isn’t what it once was. Not so long ago, you could leave your job—and leave your job. Today, “thanks” largely to technology, work is portable.

Because life now also allows for an almost constant connection, you get to remain in touch with your manager, coworkers, and associates during non-working hours. Sometimes this contact is in the form of emails, but increasingly people connect via social media.

Where you might have once said, “Have a good weekend, Joe, see you Monday,” you now get to see Joe all weekend long—on Facebook. There’s his face, his latest photos, and yes, his comments about how he’s working on the presentation that’s due next Friday…which makes you think you should probably put some time in this weekend, right?

And then it will be Monday, and work will be crazy as usual. Your workplace, like many, has fewer employees than it did two years ago, so now your department of six is responsible for a workload that used to be carried by 10 people.

Is it any wonder that, as Guilmartin says, people are “wired to snap”?

Consequences of the Pace

Snap in this context, however, doesn’t mean going bonkers (though arguably there’s greater opportunity for this reaction as well). Instead, Guilmartin refers to making snap decisions or snapping at each other.