Earth Day Kitchen Gifts for Foodies

By Fabiana Santana

Nudo Olive Tree AdoptionCelebrate Earth Day by getting green in the kitchen with these eco-friendly gadgets and gifts!

Nudo Olive Tree Adoption

What’s more green than growing your own food? You’ve mastered tomatoes and have some impressive herbs going already. Now, you can make the perfect salad! Imagine dunking your bread in your own oil from your own tree 1,500 miles away on a hillside in Italy. That’s right. Now, you can cultivate your own olive oil. In Italy. The Nudo Spring Adoption Box makes it possible.

This gift box gives you a double dose of olive grove bliss: dose one is the adoption of a beautiful gnarly olive tree nestled on a hillside in Italy. And from that tree, you will receive 3 x 500ml of first cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. But you miss your tree, don’t you? That’s where dose two comes in:  a baby olive tree in a tin to nurture and love in your very own home. Instruction booklet and olive tree adoption registration details are all included so you will be ready to grow in no time!

Eco-Friendly Chef Pan Eco-Friendly Chef PanTap is Terrific Bottle

This eco-friendly pan is perfect for keeping things green in the kitchen.  Coated with Non-Stick Ecolution and serves up tender vegetables or delicate sauces in style with its flat bottom straight sides stay-cool handle and tempered-glass.

H2OMG Bottle

Tap is terrific and this bottles makes sure your dinner guests know it. This stylish, glass bottle provides a fashionable, waste-free option for enjoying a drink on the go or at home. Plus, a portion of its proceeds make clean water a reality for families in rural India. Whether you’re a champion of all-around conservation or a devoted fan of delightful, do-good design, this petite bottle will ensure the smart and stylish choice for a sip are always one in the same.

Reusable Food Storage Wraps

Bye-bye baggies. These reusable food storage wraps are made with sustainable and food friendly ingredients: 55% hemp/45% cotton fabric, infused with beeswax and plant extracts. Beeswax is antibacterial, hemp fabric is antifungal and the plant extracts used have antimicrobial properties. All materials are FDA-approved for food contact and are easy to use.



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