Gift Guide For Foodies

By Fabiana Santana

For the restaurant lover: Why take them to a restaurant when the restaurant can come to them? “COCO: 10 World Leading Masters Choose 100 Contemporary Chefs” is a unique book that is more than a celebration of great recipes, but rather an unprecedented look at the emerging talent on the international restaurant scene. The global chef curators include Ferran Adrià, Mario Batali, Shannon Bennett, Alain Ducasse, Ferguson Henderson, Yoshihiro Murato, Gordon Ramsay, René Redzepi, Alice Waters, and Jacky Yu.

For the pasta lover and their kids: Following on from the international best seller (and Italian cooking bible) “The Silver Spoon”, “The Silver Spoon Book of Pasta” presents a collection of 350 definitive pasta recipes for all fans of this tasty Italian staple. There is no other pasta book as beautiful, comprehensive and user-friendly. And for the mini-Mario Batalis that help them out in the kitchen, there is the “The Silver Spoon For Children” -adapted from The Silver Spoon, Italy’s best-selling cookbook for over fifty years. It features 40 quick, wholesome and easy-to-make authentic Italian recipes that children aged 8 and above will love to cook and eat.

AmFashionCookbookFor the Fashionista: Because even fashion designers have to eat. Combine two passions into one with the CFDA’s new American Fashion Cookbook. Make Isaac Mizrahi’s mushroom truffle spaghetti and follow it up with Carolina Herreras’s Pommes Toupinel. And while the recipe will surely taste good, there is no doubt that they will look good, too.

For the Cooking Novice: There is lots of talk about the one must have cookbook for food lovers and Italian Cooking For Dummies is high atop the list. Italian food is approachable and while measurements play an important part, nothing will deflate or shrivel with a few extra pinches or spoonfuls of this or that. Plus, everyone loves Italian food. Celebrity chef Cesare Casella wrote this book with the starter cook in mind and it includes chapters for pasta, risottos, desserts and even pizzas with recipes by celebrity chef Cesare Casella along with his commentary on regions, ingredients and traditions.

For the Gadget Guru: Everyone has that one friend – the one who cant say no to an infomercial and has a kitchen overflowing with gadgets. Collapsible measuring cups and spoons will give them the gadget fix they crave, without taking up too much space.

For the Cheese Lover: These could be the most thoughtful gift your frommage-loving friend will get all year. Whimsical, hand made, glass cheese ornaments will dangle from the tree and unsuspecting guests will question if their host has totally lost it by hanging hunks of Camembert off the pine’s branches. They are that life like – just make sure not to take a bite.


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