In the Kitchen with 2 Chicks with Chocolate

By Fabiana Santana

2 Chicks with ChocolateValentine’s Day is all about chocolate and these chicks are making sure their girls are taken care of.

When you hear the name, two things happen:  an unbelievable craving for chocolate overcomes you and so does the question: who are the 2 Chicks with Chocolate? SMW has the answer for both.

2 Chicks is Elyissia Wassung and her entrepreneurial mom Barbara, who first discovered her love of chocolate making when a car accident prevented her from commuting to work.  She took to her kitchen and then sent Elyissia out on the road to sell the goods door to door in order to pay their bills. That was years ago, and today the fruits of their labor have paid off.

Following her Mom’s gutsy spirit and honest advice to “never take no for an answer”, Elyissia – who found herself in a lucrative telecom job, but still managed the chocolate business on the side – knew she would have to eventually follow her heart and make a change. She decided to get really serious about taking the chocolate industry by storm and left her job for the world of cocoa. In 2009 they won Top Ten Chocolatier. The year after, they doubled their sales.2 Chicks with Chocolate Caramel Collection

What are your best sellers?
The 12 piece Bon Bons are really popular. And the hand made ganache and caramels. The milk chocolate pretzel bark and coffee bark have been a hit as well.

2 Chicks with Chocolate Wine Collection Who came up with the idea for the Wine Collection chocolate pieces?
The wine collection is really popular. We have two in the collection – the spicy merlot and cabernet caramels.  That was my brainchild because I love wine country and I got tired of the bad chocolate out there. So I created something for a wine lover. This year, we are experimenting with some other flavor profiles like malbec and Shiraz. The chocolates have wine in them but not a lot, so you get the notes of the grape but not the alcohol in the wine.

Valentine's Day Chocolate Love FrogsWhat did you create for Valentine’s Day?
Meet Razz, a dark chocolate frog filled with dark chocolate raspberry ganache.

How often do you eat chocolate?
Every single day.

Sounds like a girl after our own heart!

Check out the 2 Chicks with Chocolate website for more on their award winning treats and for Elyissia’s new blog where she talks about the business of chocolate. “I will talk about chocolate, but the business side of things too. It’s not as easy as it looks to start a company. What do you do with your shareholders and how do you brand and streamline the process? That is what I want to share.”

And of course, she wants to share chocolate! So much so that 2 Chicks is offering SMW readers a discount! Use code THANKS25 when visiting their site and you will get 25 percent off your purchase!

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