In the Kitchen with Nigella Lawson

By Fabiana Santana

nigella_lawson_lead_narrowweb__300x430,0That is not to say she doesn’t love good, seasonal, pure food, she just understands that a lot of the popularity of the food movement right now can be alienating. “I find it very interesting that there is always a need for elites. In Victorian times, when the poor only had access to food in season and whatever they could grow, the rich would have these amazing green houses and it was considered fashionable to have out of season foods. And in the age of the supermarket, when we can have access to out of season food, the rich and the elite say ‘no this is all wrong. It must only be in season’. There is a bit of snobbery there. “

She stresses that she is not trying to create controversy, but still wants the question of answered. Just because it is better for us, why do you have to charge me more for it?

Her realistic approach to food is refreshing and easily appreciated in her recipes and books like How To Eat where she explains, “there is a reason why the book is called How to Eat rather than How to Cook. It’s a simple one: although its possible to love eating without being able to cook, I don’t believe you an ever really cook unless you love eating.” And while she is proud of the success of this book and her many others, she is even more proud of her cooking point of view – that sometimes it is okay to go store bought instead of slaving in the kitchen all day – and sharing that. “I have no training as a cook. I cook for friends and family, so when I chop something, I chop like a normal person, not quick and not pretty. “

And while she always aims to do the right thing in the kitchen, she is human, and sometimes fails. She would rather not eat meat than eat some that has been reared inhumanely and with hormones. And she does make sure that her kids have organic eggs. But she will still have a candy bar and a packet of potato chips when she feels like it. The star, who’s husband, mother and sister all died of cancer, believes that enjoying cooking and eating is a great affirmation of life, of saying you know it is important to be alive. “

Every time I have seen someone get very ill, they have gotten very thin. Enjoying food is an important part of life. “

Currently, Nigella is hard at work on an iPhone she happily calls the “Nigellapp” which is sure to be a hit and she is focused on a new book, which she often works on with that chocolate bar in hand. These days, every day has different demands, but she always finds time for cooking and encourages her fans to do the same – it is “me” time after all.

“The gift of cooking is that you just do it your way.”

Recipe: Nigella Lawson’s Buttermilk Roasted Chicken

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