It’s National Cookie Week!

By SMW Staff

Forget Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter… It’s National Cookie Week!  Now this is a reason to celebrate!

National Cookie WeekThe Gay Gourmet!™ is celebrating his annual National Cookie Week (NCW), April 30th to May 6th. He’s partnered with the likes of New York City’s finest bakers and bakeries, including: Amy’s Bread, Milk & Cookies, Billy’s Bakery, Make My Cake, Protein Bakery and The Fresh Fanatic Bakery; as well as Magnolia Manor Sweets in Sharpsburg, GA; Angel Food Bakery in Chicago and many more for what is going to be a week long Cookie Hoedown! From special cookie features, to new cookie recipes, to a cookies and cocktails event and maybe even a Cookies Night Out in NYC, this week is quickly snowballing into a celebration of all things cookie, which is not to be missed.

Following NCW tradition The Gay Gourmet!™ will also be baking a cookie a day and with last years hit creation of a bacon chocochip cookie, you won’t believe what he has in store this time around! So warn the cows, cancel your dentist appointments, don’t tell your trainer, bust out your elastic waisted pants and join him for The Second Annual National Cookie Week! (The week where broccoli doesn’t stand a chance!)

About The Gay Gourmet!™:

Born and raised in Brooklyn, musician, actor, and culinary enthusiast Michael Munoz‘s career has taken him from Westminster Choir College to Off-Broadway in Naked Boys Singing.  While he continues to perform, his recent passion and artistic adventure is in the culinary realm as The Gay Gourmet!™.  The Gay Gourmet!™ is the result of Michael’s dream to combine his passion for food with camp humor, resulting in a hilarious, informative blog Or as he would say, “Fearless cookin’ with a side of saucy pizazz!”