Super Powers of Superfoods

By Fabiana Santana

superfoods1Superfoods are nutritional powerhouse foods loaded with nutrients and health promoting properties. Foods containing these nutrients have been proven to help prevent and, in some cases, reverse the well-known effects of aging, including cardiovascular disease, Type II Diabetes, hypertension and certain cancers. Not just any food can be a superfood.  They should have a wide variety of vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, phytonurients, and provide an all around benefit to our bodies.

It’s not to late to start incorporating superfoods into your diet.  These  7 superfoods are easy to mix and match together to create the ultimate great for you  meal.


 2 spears

Contains vitamins C, A, Beta Carotene –a provitamin, which is converted to Vitamin A and retinol – and fiber that will aid in digestion.



1 cup uncooked

Contains vitamins A and C, folic acid and magnesium, which help control cancer, reduces heart disease and stroke risk, blocks free radicals (which can cause wrinkles) and may help prevent osteoporosis.


3 ounces

Contains omega-3 oils to fight heart disease and smooth the appearance of skin. Salmon also contains calcium, magnesium, protein and B-vitamins.

Green Tea

1 cup

Green tea contains ECGC, a powerful antioxidant that can aid in the reduction of heart disease, cancer and stroke risk.


1 med. tomato

Contain lycopenes – an antioxidant more potent than vitamin C. Stimulates immune function and may slow degenerative diseases


2-3 cloves fresh or

1 tsp. Garlic Powder

May lower cholesterol and blood pressure. May contain chemicals capable of destroying cancer cells


1 cup

High in protein, complex carbs and fiber – both soluble and insoluble fiber. – which helps you feel full longer. They also contain phytochemicals and protease inhibitors that may help prevent cancer

Soybeans & Tofu

4 ounces tofu or equivalent soy product

Lowers “bad” LDL cholesterol levels in bloodstream, which reduces heart disease risk. Soy has been proven to be as effective as prescribed cholesterol reducing medicines and studies have also shown that people who regularly eat soy products have reduced risk or lower rates of prostate, colon, lung, rectal and stomach cancers.