Travel Food for the Single Woman’s Soul

By Staff

What’s a single woman to do when she’s running in between flights, starving and the only thing she’ll get on the flight is approximately six peanuts and a mini-soda? Plan ahead!

If there’s one thing we learned from the Continental ‘nightmare’ flight that left travelers stranded on the plane for more than nine hours it’s that travel food is essential for trips of any duration. Whether you’re hopping a shuttle flight or traveling across the country, stashing a few munchies in your carry-on is an essential travel survival tip. Here are a few of our favorites:

Stretch Island Orchard Cherry DisplayFruit and vegetables: A piece of fruit or a bag of carrots will tide over any hunger pain. They are easily transportable and a healthy alternative to the fast-food options found in airports. A simpler alternative from the Stretch Island Fruit Co. is fruit strips. The adult version fruit roll-ups, these fruit strips are tasty, slim and fit in your pocket or purse. Grab a few for the road and snack away. They taste like dessert, but without all the calories.

Granola bars: If you crave the carbs, don’t leave home without your granola. Kashi GOLEAN Crunchy! Bars and Kashi GOLEAN Roll! Bars come in a variety of different flavors that will suit all taste buds. “I never leave home without a Kashi bar in my bag,” said our travel expert, Melanie Nayer. Her favorite: chocolate and peanut butter bars.

Chips and pretzels: Sometimes, the urge to splurge (on calories) is too big to overcome. Instead of grabbing a bag of greasy fries from the nearest airport fast-food takeout, or a jumbo sized bag of potato chips from the newsstand, pick up a healthier option at the supermarket. Popchips are precisely what you think: chips that aren’t fried or baked, but popped. The all-natural product means no hydrogenated oils, msg or fake colors.

Now that you’ve got some good travel snacks, shouldn’t you be thinking about your next trip?


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