What’s Your Chocolate Profile?

By Fabiana Santana

Everyone’s got a type. Whether we are talking about dating or coffee orders, there are certain profiles that certain personalities are drawn to. So why shouldn’t that be the case with chocolate? This Valentine’s Day, save yourself the sickening task of biting every chocolate in the box until you find the one you really want! Michel Cluizel Chocolate has made it super simple to sweet talk your sweetheart this year with specialty boxes suited especially for their chocolate profile. He’s got one of the greatest chocolate factories this side of Wonkaville so you know he knows chocolate.

What to get the:

Spicy food loving boyfriend :

  • The Olympe is ganache with anise, coated with dark chocolate, and the anise brings a perfect aromatic, zesty flavor.  This is for the guy who likes a tame heat.
  • The Cannello is a milk chocolate shell made with 45% cocoa filled with a spicy, cinnamon gianduja for the guy who wants a bit more of a kick.
  • The Aiguillette Gingembre is candied ginger covered in dark chocolate, which kicks it up another notch.
  • The Espeline mixes cranberries and Espelette sweet pepper with dark chocolate ganache to make a distinctively sweet and spicy combination. This guy likes it hot!

The adventurous chocoholic who will eat anything dipped in chocolate (fruit, bacon, you get the picture.):

  • The Aiguillette Citron is a strip of candied lemon peel covered in dark chocolate.
  • The Supreme is an Armagnac ganache with ground macerated prunes, a great example of a food many wouldn’t eat UNLESS covered with chocolate.
  • The Réglimantine is a dark chocolate ganache with licorice wood.
  • The Cacaoforte is definitely for the adventurous chocoholic, as it is a 99% cocoa dark chocolate ganache decorated in gold and pearly white.

Mom who is still obsessed with her chocolate covered cherry cordials. 

Let’s branch mom out into other fun and exotic fruits!

  • The Palet des Neiges is a beautiful white chocolate with raspberry pulp and brandy ganache.
  • The Palet Passion is a milk chocolate ganache with passion fruit pulp.
  • The Palet Framboise is ganache made with dark chocolate and raspberry pulp.
  • The Madrilene is ganache with ‘Mangaro’ plantation chocolate from Madagascar and orange marmalade.
  • And if you REALLY can’t get her to change her ways, you can always give her the Guignette, a Morello cherry with pit aged in Kirsch and covered in chocolate.

Kids: Those who think the only chocolate only comes in a brown Hershey’s wrapper and those so picky that chocolate even chocolate has to make its case:

For kids who have a hard time straying from Hershey’s, ease them into haute couture chocolate with lighter, simpler chocolates:

  • Salambo Lait, finely ground almond and hazelnut praline with milk chocolate.
  • The Gaufrette, shaped like an Oreo, had gianduja with vanilla pod filling and two plain dark chocolate discs on the outside.  The familiar Oreo shape will ease kids into eating new chocolate.

The hopeless romantic who actually looks forward to that heart shaped box of chocolates every year:

  • The “Mini-Nuancier Je T’Aime” is a collection of 72% dark chocolate discs elegantly hand-decorated with red, yellow and white hearts and French “I Love You’s”.
  • Sachet Coeur Passion” is the ideal delight for the Valentine “passionate” about dark chocolate: flat molded dark chocolate with metallic colored almond grains and mini red and white hearts that proclaim “Je T’aime Passionnement”, or “I Love You Passionately”.
  • Passionnément Chocolat” is an assortment of eight dark and milk chocolate bonbons, some with almond and hazelnut praliné and some with Santo Domingo ganache.  The chocolates are heart shaped and individually wrapped in festive pink and red wrappers.
  • The “Tendre Douceur”, meaning “Tender Sweetness” in English, is a gorgeous heart shaped chocolate, half milk chocolate (37% cocoa) and half dark chocolate (60% cocoa).  It is whimsically decorated with red and white vines, hearts and butterflies. Giving the gift of both milk and dark chocolate is sure to please the palate of any special Valentine’s date.

The boozer. This includes your wine lovers, champagne lovers and the “one shot guy”:

  • The Bouchons are calvados ganache and Fine de Bordeaux ganache shaped and wrapped smartly to resemble a wine cork.
  • The Pastilles Eau-de-Vie-Fruits is an assortment of seven fruit liqueur chocolates, including Calvados apple brandy, strawberry, raspberry, Kirsch brandy, Mirabelle, Williams pear, and damson plum.
  • The Chardons collection of chocolates is a box within itself with eight liqueur chocolates, including Armagnac, Grand Marnier, Framboise, Calvados, Cassis (Blackcurrant liqueur), Mirabelle liqueur, Williams pear, and Cointreau.

The at home baker who likes to experiment with new foods as inspiration for her own creations in the kitchen:

  • The Diablotin Lait (milk chocolate) or Diablotin Noir (dark chocolate) are shaped like mini-cupcakes and are made of pure hazelnut praline, finely ground and decorated with gianduja (which looks like the icing) – perfect for the home baker!
  • The Crème Brulee will inspire home bakers to try to make a crème brulee of their own!  Made of dark chocolate with ganache and caramelized butter.
  • The Macarolat Ganache Caramel, shaped like a traditional macaroon, may give home bakers the inspiration to try to make their own macaroons!  Made of a dark chocolate shell and filled with caramel ganache.
  • The Tatin, almond paste with apple pieces, calvados brandy and caramel will inspire you to experiment with your home baked apple pies or caramel dipped apples.

The world traveler:

The world traveler will appreciate Michel Cluizel’s single origin chocolates, chocolates made from cocoa beans from plantations all over the world, including:

  • The Conception, ganache with ‘Conception’ plantation chocolate from Venezuela.
  • The Kouare, ganache with ‘Vila Gracinda’ plantation chocolate from the island of Sao Tome, off the coast of Africa.
  • The Truffle a la Crème, cream ganache with ‘Los Ancones’ plantation chocolate from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
  • The Valsero, ganache with ‘Mangaro’ plantation chocolate from Madagascar.
  • The Palet d’Or, chocolate ganache with ‘Maralumi’ plantation chocolate from Papua – New Guinea, decorated with gold powder.

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