Bye, Bye Guys! Women Are Winning the Human Race

By Allison O'Connor

Paradise Valley, Arizona, April 28, 2008 — According to a recent article in, pollution of the Earth’s environment is having a startling affect on the male population.

The article, entitle, “Where are all the Men? Ask Mother Nature…” relays recent information from Center for Disease Control in Atlanta that many manmade pollutants mimic the female hormone estrogen is accounting for a lowered birth rate for males. The higher concentration of certain pollutants that a woman of childbearing years has in her bloodstream has a direct correlation on the chances she has of bearing a male child.

This disturbing information is just another reason why the call to free our environment and the earth of pollution is imperative. Additional studies conducted by the CDC conclude that there is evidence of this happening all over the world. Research from Italy, Canada and Russia are cited in the article that explain how the pollutant level has affected the change in birth rate for boys.

The fact that male fetuses are not as resilient as females is another cause for these pollutants having such a profound effect on the birth rate of boys. The rate of miscarriage is higher when a woman is carrying a male child and this miscarriage rate is continuing to grow. “In other words,” says’s relationship editor, Josie Brown, “women are winning the Human Race. But not for long! We still need men to procreate.”

The effects of this lowered male birth rate on society are not going to have a positive impact. Throwing nature out of proportion never does. In order to be proactive and learn more about this issue and what can be done to help, visit

This is a great resource towards not only understand what is truly happening in the environment but also how to help stop it.

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