Does the Media Have it All Wrong? Is Everyone Having Sex Galore?

By Allison O'Connor

Paradise Valley, AZ, April 1, 2008 – – The internet, TV and other media outlets would have one believe sex is far more common than what actually goes on in most relationships.

Although most women would like to be having sex more than they actually are, the reality is not everyone is tearing up the sheets like the women on Desperate Housewives. Whether you are a single woman in a relationship or a married women, understanding why you are not having sex is the first step toward increasing the frequency in which you do “tear up those sheets.”

Experts cite the reasons for a decline in one’s sex life range from job stress, financial problems, depression, weight gain, fatigue, or a poor love life in general. And, it’s not only women that suffer. A man’s sex drive is disrupted by the same stress factors that can inhibit a woman’s libido.

Some statistics:

  • A low sex drive affects one third of all women.
  • According to the British medical journal men are more likely to have a low sex drive than women.
  • Nearly one out of five couples has sex fewer than 10 times a year.
  • If you’re over forty-five, there is a one-in-three chance that you’re only making love 4 times a year.

According to’s relationships editor Josie Brown, there are a number of things you can do to improve your sex life. Among these: break the routine, exercise to get those old endorphins going, splurge on a new hair cut, get a couples massage, make eye contact, get out of the sweats and dress up, and think sexy, just to name a few.

Sex is addicting, the more that you have it, the more you’ll want it. For a more in depth discussion of how women can spice up their sex life, please view the full article, Why You’re NOT Having Sex-and 12 Things You Can Do About It at

Josie Brown, SMW’s relationship editor, is the author of two snarky Hollywood novels: Impossibly Tongue-Tied, and True Hollywood Lies. She is also co-author, along with her husband Martin, of Marriage Confidential: 102 Honest Answers to the Question Every Husband Wants to Ask, and Every Wife Needs to Know.

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