Single Women Get Online Presence

By Lynn Ducey

Friday, May 23, 2008

Single women get online presence

Phoenix Business Journal

Business partners Allison O’Connor and Christine Whelan planned for a year before launching in January.

O’Connor, a Paradise Valley resident, had spent her career in the publishing industry and decided to take her skills online, developing a Web site aimed at single women.

The site offers information about relationships, money, travel, health, career and parenting as it pertains to single women. It allows users to view professionally written editorial content and create a free log-in and profile, enabling them to participate in online discussions.

“Single women have different challenges. It’s my hope that our site will help them navigate the world,” O’Connor said.

She and Whelan are self-financing the operation while looking for investors. Their business model includes site advertising, sponsorships and events to offset costs.

O’Connor handles the day-to-day aspects of the business from home, while Whelan, a New Hampshire resident, has a hand in major business decisions.

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