Money Rules… For Women

By Manisha Thakor

An overview by Manisha Thakor, course instructor.Women_and_money

Have you ever wished someone would just tell you straight up what you need to know about money – and what you can ignore?

Do you want to take charge of your financial future but find yourself yawning at the thought of pouring through a personal finance book or magazine?

Does the thought of being able to use money as a tool to give you choices, freedom, and control in your life put a smile on your face?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, my new eCourse “Money Rules… For Women” is for you. It is full of great financial advice for women. As a Harvard MBA and former portfolio manager, when I look back on my life, it’s roughly 10 hours of (surprisingly straight-forward) personal finance lessons that made all the difference. It’s that exact information that I share with you in this innovative class. The course contains roughly 5 hours of video lessons and 5 hours of homework.

Because women today are B.U.S.Y., the course is designed to be taken in bites as small as ten to fifteen minutes at a time. Because personal finance is not a “language” we are taught, you can ask me questions either through the public forums or by sending me a private note. Because schedules vary, you can start the course at any time and work through it at your own pace. When you are done you will have learned…

  • How much to save – and where to find the money to do it
  • How to assess the order of priority for competing demands on your cash
  • How to invest in a powerful, keep-it-simple manner
  • How to talk about money with your honey
  • How to find and effectively work with a financial advisor

The course costs $99. Implementing just one of the learnings (let alone all…) can save you the course price back many times over. I will donate 10% of any revenue I receive from the course to So you’ll be helping yourself and a great cause. And if you are not happy with the class, you can request a no-questions-asked refund. The best part of all – is that when you are in charge of your finances you have the ability to create the life that makes your heart sing. That’s why the course is called “Money Rules.” That title is meant literally and figuratively.  Or as I like to say, “Own Your Finances & Own Your Life.”

To hear more, watch this short video. To sign up, click here.

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