Our Questions/Your Answers

By SMW Staff

SMW Money Editor Martin Brown’s article, “The Starbucks Factor,” hits home to all of us. Have you, too, noticed a difference in your discretionary income for even little things, like your  daily morning latte?

Here’s our list of do-withouts:

Allison, Founder, SMW: “I’m down to only one pair of shoes a week. Ouch!”

Paula, Careers Editor: “I’ve cut down on my book budget—which is my big indulgence.”

Josie, Relationships Editor: “I do without EVERYTHING. Sadly, I’m down to panhandling. I’m cute, but the biggest amount I ever get is a quarter. What’s up with that?”

Erin, Looks Editor: “Any lipstick that retails over $6! That’s truly sad, isn’t it?”

Melissa, Family Editor: “My kids now eat P&J for EVERY meal. Not that they didn’t before…”

Martin, Money Editor: “The Lamborghini had to go. The gas was too expensive…”

Okay, now it’s your turn to speak out. We want to know what you’ve given up. Tell us in the Comments section of Martin’s article.