Save Money With Health and Beauty Coupons

By SMW Staff

Save Money With Health and Beauty CouponsDespite a tough economy, we’re still dishing out big bucks for health and beauty products. Some recent statistics say consumers are spending each year:

  • $17.4 billion on over-the-counter medicines
  • $424 billion on beauty and personal care
  • $12.2 billion on vitamin sales

It’s time to save some money! And is helping us to save money with health and beauty coupons, as well as tips that will have you looking and feeling great while saving a bundle. is a free online website for finding free beauty coupons, money saving services, and advice. They have provided us with these great tips on how to save on health and beauty products both brand name and generic.

How to save money on beauty products and health care products:

If it’s on sale, buy two: Many consumers wait until they run out of their favorite products before buying new ones, which leaves little time to comparison shop or wait for sales. When you find a great price on your favorite toothpaste or vitamin brand, buy more than one. That way, you will always have items in stock when you run low and you’ll have more time to seek out great deals on the next batch.  Just remember to check expiration dates and quantities.

Never pay full price: There’s always a way to save money on a purchase and coupons are a great and easy first step.  Coupons for health and beauty products average over $2.00 in savings apiece.

Take advantage of free makeovers, samples and savings clubs: Department stores will often apply your make-up absolutely free if you make a single purchase. This is a great opportunity to experiment with new products and get a free makeover for a big event. Brands often offer sample kits with purchase at department stores, which is a great way to test out (or even stock up on) pricey items for free.  Join stores’ beauty clubs for free samples, rewards points and special coupons. And always ask for samples at department store counters. You will be surprised at what you can score.

Buy discounted gift baskets to stock up on beauty supplies: During major holidays such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day major department stores offer pricey gift baskets filled with the latest beauty products. When the holiday season ends, these baskets go on sale– sometimes by as much as 75%. These marked-down baskets are a great way to stock up on all of your favorite items for less.

Generic medicines and vitamins are a great alternative: According to Consumer Reports, 50% of all generic over the counter drugs are actually manufactured by brand name companies. The FDA also enforces that all generic drugs have the same quality, strength, purity and stability of name brands. This means that no matter what brand of flu medicine you buy, the only difference is price.

Generic beauty products are also a great alternative: You won’t have to sacrifice quality for savings when buying generic beauty products. In fact, research shows that the majority of generic skincare lines are formulated in near replication of expensive brands. Consumer Reports tested generic and name brand sunscreen products for protection against UVA and UVB rays and found that two of the generic brands ranked among the best. Meanwhile, the American Dental Association maintains that as long as you are using toothpaste that contains fluoride, it doesn’t matter which brand you buy – they will all get the job done.

Save more on generics by using in-store coupons: Stores encourage customers to buy their generic brands by consistently offering coupons and other savings. Don’t settle for the “buy one, get one 50% off sales” which only yield around 25% savings. Instead, hold out for the “buy one get one free” specials. Resources

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